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Rental Housing

Available rentals

Our available rentals can be found through the service.




Checklist for people moving in

Tax certificate

  • Recent certificate of paid taxes

A tax certificate is to be submitted by everybody over the age of 18 in the year of application. Tax certificates from younger people also have to be attached to the application, if they have received income or owned property in the fiscal year.

Income certificate

  • Employer’s certificate for the previous 12 months (pay slip) from all tenants moving into the apartment who are in work.
  • Statement of pension from pensioners /month (gross)
  • Certificate from those on parental leave including actual monthly income
  • Unemployment benefit: union or ‘Kela’ certificate

Student certificate from those over 18

  • The certificate should make it clear when the studies began and the estimated graduation time.
    Assets statement
  • Property or condominium: e.g. estate agent’s valuation (for condominiums, the building manager can also provide a valuation)
  • Certificates relating to debts pertaining to assets at the time of applying.

Other possible attachments

  • Proof of residency status for non-Finnish citizens, e.g. a copy of their passport
  • Certificate of student loan
  • Pregnancy certificate
  • Receipt of child support paid


When moving, remember the following

  • Change of address notification or by phone 0203 456 456
  • Inform the building manager or property manager
  • Electricity agreements
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Library
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Housing benefit

Your new address will be updated with a single notification either to the Digital and Population Data Services Agency ( or the Post office. The statutory notification of change of address should also be made for temporary moves lasting over three months.