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Sakipa Oy Isännöinti | 02 6344 300 | | avoinna ma-to 9-16, pe 9-14

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Sakipa Oy Isännöinti is professional and service oriented real estate agency. It has been established year 2003 and its business focuses mainly to Pori and Satakunta region.

Sakipa Oy Isännöinti continues business operation of Sato Oy Satakunta, which has operated in Pori over 50 years. Ours personel (nowadays 14) is very high educated and they have very good knowledge of real estate business.

Sakipa Oy Isännöinti has four main business areas, which are building (consisting new construction, refurbishment and modernization), traditional building management and real estate consulting.

Last of our main businesses is apartment rental service and real estate brokerage. We have several good apartments in Nakkila and in Pori. If you are looking for a home, please contact our sales office.

We set great store by partnership and ours customers. Sakipa Oy Isännöinti is reliable, professional and very high-class company. Happy and pleased customers are the key word in our business.

Open the door to friendly and very helpful Sakipa Oy Isännöinti!